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The National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu is one of the three National Orthopaedic Hospitals in Nigeria. It is strategically located to serve about a third of Nigerians population residing in the eastern and southern flank of the country.

The East Central State government led by Mr. Ukpabi Asika, as Administrator/Chief Executive, at the end of Nigerian Civil war (1967 – 70), established a hospital for maimed war victims. Named after Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia for his mediating role in the civil war, as Haile SelassieI Instituite of Orthopaedic, Plastic and Ophthalmic Surgery it was to offer services in these surgical specialties. The old Governor's lodge was then converted into a hospital with over 200 acres of land set aside for its development. The Ophthalmic section of the Hospital was relocated before the functional take off of the Hospital.
The hospital was opened to the public with the first intake of patients on 17th January 1975. The formal opening by Mrs. Victoria Gowon took place on 4th April 1975. The state government that came into office in July 1975 renamed the Hospital "State Orthopaedic Hospital" while it became National Orthopaedic Hospital Enugu following its take over by the Federal Government in 1976.
The act establishing the Hospital came into force in September 1979 and provided for its management with the other two National Orthopaedic Hospitals located in Lagos and Kano by the Orthopaedic Hospitals Management Board. Since 2000, the Hospital has had its own Board of Management

Over the years the hospital has provided and introduced services in the following areas:
• Orthopaedic surgery
• Burns and Plastic surgery
• Trauma surgery
• Nursing Services
• Pharmacy Services
• Rehabilitation – Physiotherapy, Prosthetic and Orthotic
• Residency Training
• Post Basic Nursing Training
• Radiological Services
• Laboratory Services
• Anesthesia
• Dietetics/ Catering Services
• Medical Social Services
• Medical Illustration Services
• Laundry Services
• Mortuary Services

The hospital was conceived as a service centre, as well as, a training and research institute- specifically for the purpose of providing Medicine and Surgery and facilities for training Orthopaedic personnel at all levels. In its over three decades of existence, NOHE has matured into a center for comprehensive and specialized services in Orthopedics, Trauma, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, and Rehabilitation. It has a Regional Trauma/Burns Centre and a Prosthetic and Orthotic workshop.


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